Mama Honu

Punaluu Black Sand Beach Turtle 2


Mama honu (*turtle in Hawaiian) keeping her nest warm on the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on Hawaii’s Big Island.   Since I, too, am sitting on my little nest over here waiting for my baby boy to arrive, just want to put it out there that Photo of the Week may stop abruptly for a few weeks once I go into labor!   I promise it will be back soon after baby is born & I promise to not just send you photos of my baby!   Happy Halloween everyone!

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Fall in Michigan

For-Mar Nature Preserve-0015 r

Another shot from the For-Mar Nature Preserve near Flint, MI.  Pretty sure this is milkweed….enjoy!

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Misty morning….

For-Mar Nature Preserve-0024 r

This was taken at a beautiful park & nature preserve just outside of Flint, MI called the For-Mar Nature Preserve.  It was a beautiful misty morning…hope you enjoy!

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Pololu Valley Overlook

Pololu Valley Overlook 1

This is a view from the Pololu Valley Overlook on the Big Island of Hawaii.  In the distance you can see what are known as the 7 Valleys at the north end of the island, they are mostly inaccessible to tourists, Pololu Valley marks the west end of the tip of the island, and Waipio Valley marks the east end of the island as the last 2 of the valleys that are generally accessible.

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Window at Detroit’s Packard Plant

Packard Plant-0174 r

I’m not really all that into the whole “ruin porn” trend that has been going around Detroit for the past 5 or so years; however, a friend wanted to see the old Packard Plant when visiting from out of state about a year ago, so my hubby & I tagged along.  I thought this window was very Piet Mondrian-esque.  I read an article this week that said interested buyers can now purchase the entire Packard Plant site for a mere $21,000!  (image taken in August 2012)

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Dreaming of Hawaii…

Mauna Kea Road-0266 r

All week I’ve been having dreams about being back in Hawaii.   This photo is very much like the dream I was having last night, mountains in the clouds….must find a way to take the family back in 2014!

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Impressionist Honu

Maui aquarium-0094 r

Rediscovered this photo when going through some of my older work, taken at the Maui aquarium in 2006.   Feels very impressionistic and peaceful to me.  Hope you enjoy!  (Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle by the way…)

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Never forget…

9-11 tribute 51-81 r

In remembrance of 9-11

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‘Nite ‘nite summer….

Leelanau Peninsul sunset 207r

The sun sets on summer once again…..Leelanau Peninsula, 2011

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Hawaiian Flower

tropical flower 0176 r

Just thought we needed a little touch of color for this gloomy Michigan day!   Have a beautiful week and Happy Labor Day!

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